Safety & Environment

Health and Safety

At NTP Forklifts Australia we believe

  • All injuries can be prevented.
  • Safety first, work second.
  • Everyone is responsible for safety.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment. 

Backed by a comprehensive OH & S policy and procedural manual, NTP documents all aspects of its operations from the provision of new or used equipment, to the servicing and repairing of all makes of material handling products.

Risk Assessments (RA), Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA), Safe Operating Procedures (SOP), and Hazard Registers among others are compiled and catalogued as part of our inclusive document system which runs parallel to our Business Management System.

We are independently audited biannually to continue our compliance to the latest safety standards AS4801-2001 and regularly use external consultants for up to date advice and guidance for further improvements.

Environment and Sustainability

We are very serious about reducing the environmental impact on our planet, and we only work with companies that hold the same environmental values as we do. In a conscious effort to improve the environment and benefit our customers, NTP Forklifts Australia implements conservation-minded practices to minimise the effects of what we do on you. We recycle everything we can and continually look for initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. Our commitment to the environment is second nature.

NTP Forklifts Australia has an environmental policy that is certified in all of its branches in accordance with AS/NZS 4801:2001. This policy dictates that we must have specific procedures in place for environmental controls in all areas of its business. Environmental processes are monitored and audited both internally and externally on a regular basis.

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