Kalmar equipment and service solutions for logistics and distribution

Because time is money

Companies specialising in the distribution of retail, food and other goods have to operate according to strict schedules. Distribution centres and various types of warehouses are also becoming ever more demanding with regard to safety, efficiency and environmental performance. Kalmar offers distribution tractor, reachstacker and forklift equipment designed specifically for effective, efficient operation in terminal surroundings. Based on our decades of experience as a leader in terminal distribution solutions, our equipment offers low operating costs, excellent manoeuvrability, superb comfort and easy maintenance.



Kalmar reachstackers are designed to help your operations – and your entire business – reach new heights of productivity. Combining our long experience in material and container handling with our innovative cargo handling technology, they offer high performance throughout the entire operating cycle, user-friendly operation, low running costs and excellent environmental performance.

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Forklift trucks

Since 1949, Kalmar has been the preferred brand among quality-aware forklift truck drivers and owners. Their large capacity forklift trucks are renowned and appreciated for their outstanding efficiency, safety, reliability – and of course their low operating cost.


Working with our CargoTec - Kalmar partners we will assist your company in assessing the best product and solution to maximise your your container handling efficiency.

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