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1.8-3.5t Premium - IC Counterbalanced

1.8-3.5t Premium - IC Counterbalanced


  • Gasoline, LPG, and Dual fuel engines
  • Nissan K21 and K25 engine
  • Durable & quiet Automatic transmission
  • Hydrostatic power steering
3-way catalytic muffler with closed loop exhaust system
Lower fuel consumption and lower operating noise
Inbuilt wieght scale as standard
Smaller diameter steering wheel increasing operator space and visibility
Power/Eco mode selector
The interlock system cuts off power to the drive and load handling circuits if the operator leaves his seat during operation.
Fantastic forward visibility
Comfortable seat featuring full suspension with adjustable weight compensation, seat belt and integrated operator presence system.
5 Operator access code system as standard
On-board diagnostics with programmable service reminder
Ergonomically placed parking brake
Overheating prevention
Cyclopak air cleaner

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