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Refurbished Forklifts

Our 5-star principle

A 5-star refurbishment process providing 5-star quality forklifts you can rely on. So what do the 5-stars in our
Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS mean for you?

Star 1: Safety
All Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS leaving our refurbishment centre meet the latest standards of appropriate safety
regulations and EU edicts.

Star 2: Technology
Only when all technical components of a forklift truck are fully function able can the machine operate at its
optimum capacity.

Star 3: Appearance
After rigorous deep cleaning and professional detailed repainting of the vehicles and their components, even
experts find it hard to tell the difference between Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS and brand-new forklift trucks.

Star 4: Reliability
You will not find a more reliable used forklift than a Jungheinrich JUNGSTAR - this can drastically reduce
downtime and follow-up costs for you and your business.

Star 5: Sustainability
Our refurbishment of used forklifts significantly reduces consumption of resources and energy. Compared to
the production of a brand-new truck 80% of CO2 is saved.

Your advantage

Although our 5-star principle behind the Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS concept stands for: Safety, Technology,

  • Appearance, Reliability and Sustainability - there are many more benefits for you:
  • Great Value: As good as new, but with significantly lower costs. JUNGSTARS save money.
  • Fast delivery: We guarantee fast delivery. Many of our JUNGSTARS can be shipped immediately.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Refurbished or replaced components, e.g. the battery, protect you from unexpected ongoing high follow-up or replacement costs.
  • Quick anytime support: Jungheinrich has one of the industry’s most comprehensive nationwide service networks at your disposal.
  • Environmentally friendly: Compared to new truck production, our refurbishment process saves 80% of CO2. We also ensure environmentally-friendly disposal of any operating fluids in the process.
  • Motivated drivers: Clean forklifts for spotless performance. ‘As new’ trucks with contemporary features create a motivating, pleasant working environment for the driver. Drivers are motivated not only to handle the forklift with care but also to increase productivity.
  • Resale value: Due to our high-end refurbishment our JUNGSTARS maintain a higher resale value than others.

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Used Forklifts & Second Hand Forklifts For Sale

Used Forklifts & Second Hand Forklifts For Sale

At Jungheinrich Partners Australia, we pride ourselves on stocking a range of high quality, used and second hand forklifts as an affordable solution for your heavy machinery needs.

With years of experience within the forklift industry, Jungheinrich Partners Australia thoroughly understand the ins and outs of used equipment. . Our reputable brands of second hand forklifts carry our guarantee of quality no matter the price, type, size or brand. So that we are best able to cater to a large percentage of the used forklift market we stock used TCM, AUSA, Manitou & Crown forklifts. . It's important to us that we meet the needs of our second hand forklift customers across the country and therefore sell our used forklifts in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Townsville and Sydney

Because of this commitment to meeting our customer's needs, alongside years of knowledge and experience , we have been able to maintain our position within the used forklift industry across Australia for many years and have hundreds of happy, long term customers across Australia.

Second Hand Forklifts For Any Budget

When it comes to used forklifts, you want to be sure that you're buying a product that is not only exceptional quality, but that is also able to meet your needs. Here at Jungheinrich Partners Australia, our wealth of industry knowledge and experience can guarantee that when you purchase second hand forklifts through us, you'll be getting a product that is of the utmost quality and will perfectly suit your needs.

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