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3 August 2004

Adelaide branch has major product change

A significant change has very recently occured with NTP adelaide’s major product range.

As from 1st August 2004 NTP Forklifts Australia has relinquished the State Distribution for Mitsubishi Forklifts for South Australia after 20 successful years. This change has come at a time when NTP has had to consider itself in terms of its identity as a true national materials handling provider. For the past 7 years NTP’s interstate branches have been distributing the TCM forklift brand into the Australian market and it believed that it was now time that its Adelaide branch worked in unison with our other interstate branches and offered this brand as part of its major product range.

TCM are now positioned as a significant brand in the Australian forklift market as it was when it first became available in Australia over 40 years ago.

As would be noticed from a visit to the TCM website TCM offers a complete range of materials handling products and this was another important factor in NTP’s decision to change from Mitsubishi, especially the range of TCM battery electrical products and large capacity forklifts

One final catalyst to change was the recent purchase of a controlling interest in TCM by Hitachi Construction, one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers who will drive the TCM product in the future and back towards market leadership in Australia, as it was from around 1965 to 1985.

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