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21 May 2018

Increased Productivity for Bianco Construction

Bianco Constructions2

Bianco Construction has played a vital role in residential, civil, commercial and industrial industries for over 40 years. The South Australian based company has been proudly associated with substantial strategic projects, both large and small from state through to national level.

Bianco Construction's extensive product range is unparalleled to its competitors. By sourcing the best quality and value products from local and international sources, ensures customer have access to thousands of workspace essentials, recognised brands and unique services.

Expansion of warehouse capabilities and optimisation of logistic processes were important corporate objectives for this growing business. Redesigning an efficient and safe warehouse to include new racking for order picking and space for transporting timber packs, was essential for better throughput.

New racking, with narrower aisles, would be used for storing small and light items. After discussing their forklift requirements with their Jungheinrich Sales Representative, it was identified they would benefit from two EKM 202 small item order pickers.

The EKM 202 is an efficient alternative to conventional ladders, working platforms or picking tasks without a pallet. Its compact dimensions of only 760mm allows the unit to comfortably pass through their narrow aisles. The stable mast can reach heights of up to 5.30m, easily accessing third level racking. The operator can securely place the items on the storage tray and then proceed directly to the next item. The automatically closing doors ensure the necessary safety of the operators, as lifting is only possible when the doors are closed.

Requiring a safer solution for transporting 6 metre timber packs, Jungheinrcih Sales Representative suggested Bianco Construction replace their counterbalance gas truck with an ETV Q25 multi directional reach truck. Electric all-wheel steering and 360 degree turning radius allows for rapid directional change making the ETV Q superior to any conventional 4-way reach truck. A lift height of up to 10,700mm and a 2.5 tonne capacity gives Bianco Construction the flexibility to store large loads on various racking heights. 

The outstanding performance of both the EKM 202 and the ETV Q25 is complemented by excellent cost effectiveness, longer operating times thanks to the reduction in energy consumption, less aisle width, more storage capacity and importantly increased safety for employees and customers when travelling through the warehouse.

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