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As good as new, as good as Jungheinrich

JUNGSTARS are Jungheinrich’s answer to used material handling trucks. And they count among the best of the market. Our high-end refurbishment process according to the 5-star principle ensures that each vehicle is restored to a technically and visually perfect condition, fulfilling the highest safety and sustainability standards.

We not only confirm this by handing over a certificate. Rather, we are so convinced of the quality and longevity of our JUNGSTARS that each one of these refurbished trucks is delivered with a 12-month warranty – just like a brand-new Jungheinrich truck. And this is the ultimate proof that our JUNGSTARS are “as Jungheinrich as new”.

The JUNGSTARS promise


Thanks to the unique industrial refurbishment process at one of Europe’s most modern refurbishment centers, our restored trucks not only rank among the very best used trucks – they become “as-good-as-new trucks” with the industry’s best benefit-cost ratio and 12 months warranty.

Just as you’re used to when buying a new forklift truck. In addition, you receive a comprehensive service package, ranging from a test drive at a Jungheinrich branch office and individual financing options to the possibility of trading in your old material handling equipment.

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Always an excellent investment

Great variety
We have the perfect solutions for your special demands. About 60,000 used trucks in more than 600 variations are ready for delivery on your demand.

Quick availability
We guarantee short-term delivery. Many of our JUNGSTARS can be shipped immediately.

Costs under control
As good as new, but to significantly lower costs. JUNGSTARS save money.

Immediate support at any time
Jungheinrich has one of the industry’s most dense service networks at your disposal.

Always taken care of
During the entire lifecycle of your truck, we guarantee the availability of genuine spare parts.

Technical safety
The safety equipment fulfills the newest standards of appropriate safety regulations and EU edicts. There is no need for supplementary additions. 

Low risk of drop out

Refurbished and replaced components, e.g. the battery, protect you from unexpected follow-up or replacement investments. 

Resale value
Due to our high-end refurbishment our JUNGSTARS reach a higher resale value than others.

Even for rock-hard operations
Due to the industrial refurbishment and testing of all components our JUNGSTARS are in perfect condition for rock-hard operations.

For the sake of the environment
Our JUNGSTARS are sustainable. Demonstrably.

Motivated drivers
Clean forklift trucks provide clean performance. Mint condition and up to date configuration features provide a motivating, comfortable working environment for the driver. This motivates him not only to act thoroughly with the vehicle, but also raises your turnover.

Refurbishing Concept

Step 1: Incoming Inspection

At the incoming inspection, we determine the truck’s condition. As a rule, all safety-relevant and worn parts, such as tyres and brakes, are replaced with genuine spare parts.

Step 2: Dismantling

Subsequently, the truck is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Operating materials, such as brake fluid, engine and hydraulic oils, are disposed of in an ecologically responsible way.

Step 3: Refurbishment of Components

Now, the refurbishment process of each separate component starts. According to truck type, we replace tyres and springs, rework drawbars and axles, and insert new bearings and bolts. Gearbox and engine are restored, worn parts replaced. The battery is refurbished or changed. The lift mast is dismantled, while tubes and chains are changed.

Step 4: Treatment of the Surface

Chassis and lift mast are primed, smoothed and painted. Once examined and – if necessary – repaired, overhead guard, steering system, sideshifter, tilt cylinder and battery are blasted with compressed air and freshly painted.

Step 5: Reassembling

Chassis, lift mast and all components are reassembled and the truck is restored. The  finished truck is now as good as new.

Step 6: Final Inspection

Last but not least, the truck undergoes a final inspection by means of a functional test with rated load. Each truck completes its industrial refurbishment as a Jungheinrich JUNGSTAR in premium quality, including a safety certificate as well as a personal quality promise by the technician in charge.


  • 12 month warranty
  • 12 month battery warranty
  • Optional warrant extension to 18 months
  • 12 month maintenance free operation
  • Rental and full service options available
  • Attractive financing options
  • Trade in of your used truck
  • 10 day return policy

Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS Logo MAM 33998

* 12 months warranty up to 1,200 operating hours. / Optional warranty extension to 18 months or 1,800 operating hours upon conclusion of a maintenance or full service contract. / 12 months battery warranty up to 1,200 operating hours in one-shift operations. Country-specific warranty conditions apply. / 12 months maintenance-free operation up to 1,000 operating hours. Adherence to maintenance interval according to the operating instructions is required. / 10 days return policy from date of the truck’s delivery for standard trucks. Return of the truck in reasonable condition. Return transport occurs at the expense of the buyer.


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Our checklist will help you pick the best preowned vehicle you can get. We provide you with all the criteria it needs to properly inspect the truck of your choice.

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